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Jun 01 2012

#39: Last day

This is my first last day of school.  I didn’t get to experience this last year since I had to take off the last week of school for Induction.

It’s kind of a special experience!  You get to see everyone one last time, spend time with your students playing games, shoot the breeze in a way you can’t during the year because you’re working so hard.

This will be my first graduation ceremony on Sunday, too.  My debate team will be walking the stage and onto college.  A number of students who struggled with their TAKS tests but finally conquered them will walk, too.  My three-student Math Models class from last year will walk and I’m going to shout for them.  Probably not anything very articulate, just a big ol’ WOO!

Next year is going to be different.  Unless something changes, I will be teaching general education next year.  We might have some corps members at my school next year with me.  One of them might be my co-teacher!  This is still in the “might” stage” but it’s still pretty cool.

I’m in summer plans mode.  Aside from taking care of my growing family, I’m looking at debate workshops for my new team, buying some web space and a domain for a student newspaper, and getting my professional development on.  And moving to a new place.  And learning Spanish more good.  And and and there’s always something to do (which means there is always something to put off until later).

Whatever.  Year 3 is going to be fun.  Just don’t bother me until August.  I’m busy.

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  1. G

    We still have three more day with the kiddos…

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